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Heavy Duty Anti theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

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  • Long Lasting Design: Solid Monoblock nickel plated brass body with a high resistance polymer sleeve.
  • Hardened steel 1/2″” thick bolt. Stainless Steel internal component.
  • High Security for your Motorcycle: Designed to secure the motorcycle’s or scooter’s brake disc.
  • Highest resistance to any size of bolt cutters, fretsaw, jimmy, lockpick and any other form of attacks
  • Weatherproof, Waterproof & Dustproof: Body and component materials manufactured to withstand the outdoors, corrosive oils, resistance
  • Convinience: Portable design easy to carry anywhere.
  • Includes: 3 High Security profile keys and a orange reminder cord

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This padlock provides Security when installed in the brake disc of motorcycles.

Its professional and technological Design guaranteed your motorcycle’s safety. The narrow space protects the brake disk against bolt cutters.

High resistance to impact and extreme weather guarantees long lasting durability in the outdoors.

Maximum resistance to lockpicking, prying, cutting and sawing.

Includes: an orange cord, that reminds Users to remove the padlock before starting the motorbike.

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