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Rectangular Armored Padlock (100 mm)

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  • The solid rectangular design provides the highest level of resistance to bolt cutters
  • Brass body with a 3 mm reinforced steel plating
  • Nickel plated hardened steel bolt resistant to traction, torsion and other types of attacks
  • Include a 2 M6 profile keys with a 6 spool pin cylinder
  • This padlock can be used on trailer couplers or hitch, shed hasps, gate hasps, container hasps, chains and any other form of entrance with hasps or chains

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Rectangular Design that limits the spacing and blocks the access to bolt cutter when the lock is in place.

Guaranteed durability in the outdoors.

High resistance to lockpicking, prying, cutting and sawing.

The key ca only be removed from the cam when the bolt is locked.

Uses: The padlock can be placed on any access point that Includes chains or hasps.

Materials: Rectangular solid brass body with a reinforced steel plating sleeve. Nickel plated hardened steel12 mm (1/2”) sliding bolt. Brass cylinder body and sleeves.

Includes: 1 padlock 2 M6 keys

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