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Heavy Duty Weatherproof Shackle Chromed Padlock 2-23/64″ (60 mm)

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  • Chromed solid brass body with Stainless steel shackle
  • Internal rust proof and stainless steel components that provide a long lasting ease of use
  • Nickel plated brass key with universal profile provides high security and durability
  • Depending on the size, our stainless steel padlocks are ideal for outdoor furniture, lockers, gates, rolling doors, doors with hasps, truck boxes with hasps and other access points exposed to extreme climates in land and sea (both arid and humid)
  • Made in Venezuela

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Design: Composed of a Chrome covered solid brass body, a stainless steel shackle ranging from 13/64in. to 25/64in. thick. The rust proof components guarantee a comfortable Use of the key without getting stuck and the correct functionality of the shackle in any environment. The nickel-plated brass key has a Universal keyway and is 3/32in. thick.

– 2-23/64in. (60mm)

Security: The padlock Includes a 5 sharp pins cylinder inside both models.The double locking mecanism provides high picking, prying resistance securing both sides of the shackle. Additionally, the shackle provides resistance to sawin, traction as well as impacts.

Multi-Function: Ideal to secure furniture, gates, doors, rolling doors, truck doors, trailers, sheds, garages, storage units, container doors, windows, chains and other access points.

Includes: One padlock, two keys.

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